Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My return Home.

The drive was long, and slightly arduous. And as I closed my eyes the faces of all those I met/saw again, flashed before me. Faces I knew I probably would not see for a year. The sea, so wild on that side of the island, whispered a melancholy song as we whisked passed it. The car was filled with silence and packed bags. So different from the non-stop music and voices that drifted through the Pahala house.

I pressed my head against the window and let my sighs blur the scenery that was passing us. Passing. Everything seemed to be passing so quickly.
My eyes closed unwillingly and thoughts of Pahala drifted away.

And when I opened my eyes I was home. And I felt... Content. Joyful. Home.

Because home is full of comfort, and private jokes. Full of un-maked-up faces and ratty clothes. Full of talking to animals and not caring who hears it. Home is full of family that you know loves you and you love.

More pictures soon. ;)


  1. cute!!!! aren't you glad that you only made a 2 hr drive across the island? You better not want to fly to the east coast. Golly, how would you feel after 12 hrs flying?
    Thumbs up Makana for posing so unashamedly. Oh, if we all had your courage :)

  2. Oh Becki, I miss your lovely words, too. I truly hope you had a good time. More pictures, please. :) That photo of the ocean, clouds, sunglight -- it's beautiful.

    Oh, and home? It's where my heart is, too.

  3. So glad your we can look foward to humor and pictures, from your corner of the web-orld.....Love you....

    ps....ever been interested in going to Black Friday???? hehe

  4. thanks so much for the kind comments on my blog! :D if you ever want me to help you with your design, i'd love to! it's one of my FAVORITE things to do!! :D let me know...


  5. @Ellie, yes, I am glad. And yet, since I hardly go there it still feels like an adventure for me. But I have no idea how a 12 hour flight would feel.
    Haha, thank you.

    @Kim, thank you. Yup, more pictures will definitely come. Thank you. It's weird because that's actually a sunrise. Home will always be where my heart is. (doesn't it sound like lyrics)

    @Sarah, Oh man, I'm so bummed Kalei's not to trash school and go on black friday. I wish we could convince her. Love you, too.

    @Haley, thank you for your inspiring pictures (seriously). And really? You would? I would be beyond delighted. Like beyond! How could I do that?
    I'm so happy, thank you, thank you. ;)

    @Simi, Thanks, he's cute (sometimes). ;)


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