Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Christmas has pounced upon me. And I know I am full with cheer when I am listening to Christmas songs at 3:47 A.M.

What is it with Christmas that makes you so nostalgic? As Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas plays sweetly in the background of my words, I am immediately drawn into thoughts of previous Christmas mornings, getting up to hear the about the birth of Christ. Peeping in stockings before the parents were awake. The night before, as the Christmas tree twinkles happily, the lights winking at my young self. And you look at the presents greedily, knowing in less than 24 hours, they would be yours to devour.

And yet, Christmas is so much more. I like to imagine the Christmas story as if I was there. The day Jesus was sent to save us. The day we had hope, hope that we could be forgiven, because Jesus would cover our horrible sins for us. 

Thanksgiving is upon us, and yet my heart dwells in Christmas. 
Here are things I am grateful for though:

1. warm sweaters

2. quiet Christmas songs

3. family that makes life full of flavor and love

4. brothers who are far away in college, yet still here in spirit (and video chat)

5. my messenger owl bag

6. the way the wind blows your hair when you stick your head out the window

7. the ocean (or rather, waves)

8. thanksgiving

9. That Jesus Died and Rose Again For me and That God is With me Every Hour of The Day

What are you thankful for?


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm thankful for Jesus, family, and pen-pals :D

    About the blog design...
    If you would like me to make you a custom made header, feel free to drop by my blog and leave a comment with an email address or someway i can contact you. your comment will *NOT* be published.

    Anyway, if you want to start with that let me know...


  2. Does 3:47AM mean you were up early or stayed up late? Just curious... :D
    I love photo #1! :)

  3. Nostalgic is the word. I find myself getting almost depressed when this time of year rolls around because I know it will end far too soon.

    It is hard not to have that big brother home. However, this year, I am pretty sure Nathan is having a lot more fun then we are, so it almost makes me jealous. ;)

    Hm, I am thankful for Jesus, my family, Perry, amazing friends, books, and so much more. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. ...isn't it a bummer that they had to put ALL the best holidays...smooshed all up together like this????

    yet, thanksgiving wouldn't be here...if a few brave people stepped out of their comfortable, safe venture out to something better....

    So I am thankfull for all those servicemen who step out of comfort to make our world better...words can't describe my gratitude....

    Happy Thanksgiving 'lohilani!

  5. yea Christmas does sometimes bring about nostalgia, but I've noticed majority of holidays do too

  6. @haley, thank you once more (I know, I sound like a broken record). I love pen-pals, too.

    @Eve, haha, I woke up. I don't usually stay up that late (12, is my usual late night, with an occasional one). Thank you. What about you? (as in how late do you usually stay up?)

    @Kim, Haha, that's just like you. To feel depressed because the holidays that have hardly begun are going to be over. ;)

    Yes, from what I heard Nathan seems to be having an interesting/cool time. I think we've been having a pretty awesome time, too, though.

    P.S. Can't wait for this friday. Sorry I didn't call you last night, my mom still needs to talk to my dad about the sleepover (so I probably call you after lunch). But it looks like 3:30 is the time we're going to do it. Feel free to come earlier, though.

    @Sarah, Yeah, I suppose. But maybe it makes you even more jolly with all the holidays. I am thankful for them, too.
    It was so nice hanging out with you (and the pictures will come sometime, though ours were pretty horrible).

    @Funmilayo, true. Though, for some reason Christmas has always rang louder with memories. I don't know, though, I think you're right.


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