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Valancy, so cowed and subdued and overridden and snubbed in real life, was wont to let herself go rather splendidly in her day-dreams. Nobody in the Stirling clan, or its ramifications, suspected this, least of all her mother and Cousin Stickles. They never knew that Valancy had two homes--the ugly red brick box of a home, on Elm Street, and the Blue Castle in Spain. Valancy had lived spiritually in the Blue Castle ever since she could remember. She had been a very tiny child when she found herself possessed of it. Always, when she shut her eyes she could see it plainly, with its turrets and banners on the pine-clad mountain height, wrapped in its faint, blue loveliness, against the sunset skies of a fair and unknown land. Everything wonderful and beautiful was in that castle.
-The Blue Castle, by L. M. Montgomery

We all have our Blue Castles. This is mine. It is not perfect, but it is mine. I am caught up with humans and my blue castle is mainly a search to see how our veins cross and pulse beneath our skin and tangle in each other. 

My name is Rebekah. I live a full life in Hawaii where I was born and raised.  My dad taught me to love the sea through bodyboarding.  My mom taught me to love words through reading.  I'm going to try my darnedest to be a novelist. In this moment, I am taking classes at HCC at Pālamanui.

Without Jesus, though, I am nothing. Without Him, all before is meaningless. With Him, I am a redeemed soul. 

Have any questions? Shoot an email over at ehukai96@gmail.com.