Saturday, November 5, 2011

Farewell to one and all

Photo credit: Napua
Dear friends,

I'm off and away on a voyage today. Actually it's only across the island. But it still feels like a voyage for me.  I shall be gone till next saturday, so if no post/comments emit from my direction you shall know why.
Well, I must abandon this now, I am hardly packed and we're supposed to be driving out today.
Fare thee well, imaginative minds,

Post Script, here is some photos we have been shooting. Enjoy. ;)

My brother longboarding. Photo credit: Napua
Don't you love new earrings?
And beautiful cards from beautiful friends? You might have seen this somewhere before.
Plus new music.... Ahhh.

Photo credit: Napua

Have a wonderful, lazy day.


  1. Ohhh, what a lovely cat photo! You know how much I love that yawning kitties! :)

    Have a nice voyage!

  2. That shot of Micah is AWESOME!!! I love action shots, it's like that split-second to capture soemthing that will never happen again.......Bon Voyage!, Hasta Lavista! Aloha! Addio! Ciao! Sayonnara!

  3. I hope you have a delightful time! Be sure to tell me all about it. ;) I really like the new earrings and that picture of you wearing them. Oh, and that card does look awfully familiar.

    Miss you. Catch up soon?

  4. I just heard, that it was ukelele, fun......

    let us know how it went...

  5. (in reply to your comment on my blog)

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that was squealing like a little girl (my poor, poor friends in our car on the way to choir Monday night) ;) About the violence, I know what you mean - I'm hoping it won't be super terrible either... We'll see. EEEEEEEEEEEEP! Still, I can't wait.

    (on this post) Awh, I love that last photo of the kitty cat. So cute. And Owl City is amazing.

  6. @Vera, thanks, I thought you might like that. ;)
    Thank you. I had a wonderful voyage.

    @Sarah, thank you. And Napua says thank you, too. Yes, it's seems like something you would like. Yeah, I'll let you know how the seminar went, it was pretty cool. A lot had happened.

    @Gertie, oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to call you, I'm so sorry. I guess I just completely spaced about because I remember earlier that day telling my mom I was going to call you. Yes, talk to you soon. I miss you too.

    @MaryRachel, Good, I showed to my siblings who were excited but in no way as crazy about it as I was. =) Hahaha, thankfully no one was awake when I watched it (afterwards was a different story, though). Yeah, I still can't wait either. Ugh, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
    Anyways, thank you. And that's beyond awesome that you like Owl City too.

  7. Meeeeow......funny cat pix!!! Hope you had fun at the seminar. Will get together soon x my fingers


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