Thursday, January 30, 2014

Goodbye: 2013

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Intrepid :  characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance. [an intrepid explorer]

This has been my darling, little lion of a word for the year of 2013. Though I have never had a "word of the year" before, for some reason, this one has been bludgeoning my head since almost the beginning of this year. It has been echoing in every move I make, encouraging me, spiting me, urging me.

A lot has happened this year. I got my Driver's Permit (finally, sigh), I got my first job (with a friend, but still), I swam at midnight with the moon as my best friend, grew in my friendships, struggled with them, too, pulled an couple all-nighters with other crazed souls. I've felt a shot of intrepidity inserted in my veins with each stretching of my damp, unused wings. I have loved 2013. Unashamedly, fully, intrepidly. 

But most importantly, I grew in my relationship with God. No -even more- my faith became truly my own. God showed to me how amazingly real he is throughout this year. He taught me that he does answer prayers, even when we doubt, that when he looks at us, He does not see our sins, because He loves us, in our unbelief, in our lack of faith, He loves.  He died for me, while I still hated Him, that is how much He loves. And I still fail, I am still failing, but I have also been growing, learning to be intrepid in Him. It's crazy how much He has been faithfully growing me in 2013. And this just a slice of what He has taught me.

This is 2013 for me. What about you?

It is for freedom Christ has set us free.
Galations 5:1

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A beautiful and lovely friend
P.S. I know. This is a tad belated. 


  1. I always loved these pictures... the ones of your family adventures, not me (egadddds!!!) ....i love the setting sun and lazy hammock...

    You have been busy!!! :D what an exciting year....i loved your little inserts of glorious words.... intrepid, unashamedly, bludgeoning.....they deliciously roll of you're tongue....
    They sorta stumble and end up in a tangled heap on MY tongue..... blu-u-u-geaon.....yeah, sounds better when you say it....

    Helllooo 2014! I can't wait to share it with you!


    P.s. miss you every Wednesday, Thursday......well also M, Tue, Fri, & Sat...if we're gonna get specific....

    1. Ha! I am going to pound pictures of your profile into your head till you see how gorgeous it is... that sounded a bit weirder than I meant. Anyway.

      And again, Ha! You are just as eloquent with your words, and probably twice the bookworm as I am if you had time.

      Love you.

      P.S. I really miss you, Sarah. I miss our talks, and our days together. I guess I'm feeling a little despondent and vulnerable right now, but I miss one of my brightest best friends. I can't wait to have an evening at your new place and just sit and hang.

  2. That's a wonderful word. It is strange to assign words to an entire year, but sometimes when they just click, it makes sense. That word definitely just makes sense.

    Aso, I agree with Sarah. Those large vocabulary words sound natural off of your tongue and rather stumble pitifully off of mine. So I'll leave them to you and just enjoy the poetry you create every time you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards).

    All I can say is that it breaks my heart that I may not see you as often in 2014 as I have in 2013. Though I'll live in 2013 often in my head, and run those the meadow of memories that we created. I miss you so. You're just such a chum.


    Also, those pictures are breathtaking.

    1. Pah. Don't even. You and large words are like old friends. Flattery will get you no where. Just kidding. Flatter me all you like, you know that's the way into my heart. ;))

      I still have hope for 2014, it hasn't altogether obliterated me yet. ;) Plus there's always BH. The faint but still there dream of BH.

      You are a chum. End of.


  3. Hey Rebekah! This is Jana. I just wanted to say thank you for that lovely, encouraging comment on my blog. (Don't worry it wasn't awkward at all) It really brightened my day and made me smile.
    Not to mention I got excited exploring your blog...your pictures are so pretty, (I especially like the ones from your previous post) I've been reading some of your old, you really have a way with words. So inspiring! This will probably sound creepy, but I couldn't help thinking "Ahhh I wish I could meet this girl and be friends with her."
    Glad that 2013 was a good year for you, hope 2014 is even better!

    Thanks again,
    I have not read "until we have faces" yet, but I plan on beginning it this week! I love C.S Lewis. Have you read "The Screwtape Letters"? It's extremely thought all of his books, of course. Haha :)

    1. Dear Jana,

      Thank you for your comment! It made me all sorts of happy. :) Right back at you. Your writing is so inspiring. And don't worry, that's not creepy at all. I feel the same way about you! You seem so amazing, and just downright wonderful.

      P.S. I haven't read The Screwtape Letters, but a lot of my siblings have, and I really want to read it. I'll definitely add it to my to-read list. ;))

  4. Huh, my favourite moment so far of this year was dunking you.
    I know our friendship is a struggle. But if you just . . surfed more,
    I guarantee you will be won to my side.

    Nah, your loyal roots are more immovable than mine.
    I guess this gridlock is our destiny.

    But Ke`alohi, will your lion come breath resolve into my faint-hearted one?
    He is jealous over the great-heart.

    1. The word.

      How is it most of this comment has to do with that word? ;) the dunking, etc.

      You are wonderful.

  5. Hello Rebekah!

    I just have to tell you, again, how encouraging your comments always are to me. I mean that wholeheartedly--thank you. I appreciate it more than you would know. Writing is not my strongest art--I often try to let the pictures speak for me. SO when I do get sweet + encouraging comments about my writing it means the world.

    You seem like such a dear{and you live in Hawaii?! Uhm. Jealous.} I would love to get to know you! :) If you ever want to be email pals, hollar at me! :)

    Thanks again! {Oh, and your words definitely weren't too flowery. I often hear "don't be too flowery, because people won't think it is sincere." I beg to differ. I love flowery words if they are honest. I get very drawn into them and they are more sincere to me. So thank you.}

    xx. Liz


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