Thursday, April 19, 2012

Modesty: A sacrifice?

shirt:thrifted, shorts:macys, shoes:thrifted, necklace:antique store, earrings:from a friend
When I was a fair amount younger, a little girl almost, I had this misconception that modesty was a sacrifice.  It was good, it was pleasing to God, but it wasn't fun, and it wasn't flattering.  I would thrill inwardly when I got a shirt that maybe wasn't as modest, but oh, so cute.  I would never say this, though. I would wear my modest clothes with respect, but I wouldn't like them. They weren't pretty, they weren't trendy.

Then, recently, I met this thing called style. More specifically, personal style. We fell in love at first sight. You didn't have to follow any immodest trend.  You didn't have to long after short skirts, or low dresses. You could have your own personal style, and it could be cute, and modest, and flattering, and you. Isn't that the most wonderful thing ever? I started shopping at thrift stores, and finding more unique clothes. And enjoying it. Enjoying being modest.

Modesty is something that is personal, though. I won't judge people who wear clothes that maybe I wouldn't. I don't know where their heart is. Only God knows their heart. All I can do is wear what I think is right. And hopefully encourage others to do the same, instead of stumbling them.

And I'm not saying sacrifice isn't a good thing. Or necessary with everything in life. But I don't think we need to torture ourselves over clothes.  Clothes can be flattering without having to show off everything.  We don't need to be jealous of girls who wear revealing clothes (ha! Like I would be anyways), we can be individual, and most importantly, honor God in what we wear.

So, what is your thoughts on modesty? Or, dare I say it, the length of skirts? :)

P.S. Can I just say, I have the best commenters ever! You long-winded things, you!
Oh yeah, I posted something here, so go and give it a hug... I'm pretty sure it's slightly lonely. If you're a longtime reader of this blog you may recognize it.


  1. Okay, lemme just say: That outfit is adorable! I haven't yet met "style" let alone "personal style" {unless you count jeans and a tshirt...} I kinda shy away from it 'cause I'm a weirdo. Anyway, seeing as you mentioned it, I prefer my skirts to be at least 2 inches below my knees. For shorts at most 3 inches above. {mostly for modesty but also because I'm too lazy to shave above there} ;)

  2. I have many things to say about the modesty issue . . . mainly that I wish people would quit making a big deal about it :p
    Personally, I make an attempt to dress modestly. Okay, it's not an attempt. I was raised to dress modestly and I do. Honestly, I'm not even comfortable in low necks or super short shorts.
    That being said, I follow my own personal standard and I don't expect everyone else to follow my exact guidelines. I mean it's obvious when an outfit is really really immodest, isn't it?
    I might offend someone, but I don't think it's right for people to wear long frumpy skirts and tell other people that they're ungodly if they don't wear the same thing. Also, I rather think that skirts would be immodest for me, because I end up jumping on the trampoline and sitting in unladylike positions! ;) Not to say that it's wrong to wear long skirts, but it's not my cup of tea. I'm comfortable in (cute) skirts that are a little below the knee or a little above.
    Anyway. That was a long comment, and I don't want it to sound like I'm super militant about modesty. My point is that it's not something to be dogmatic about. Hopefully that made sense. :)


    p.s. I looove that necklace
    p.p.s. I loove having more posts from you ;)

  3. ca-UUUTE outfit! I hear where you're coming from about modesty, there are so many girls today who don't care about how much skin they show, they just want to impress guys. I heard something about modesty that I swear by now: Don't where anything you wouldn't wear in front of your grandmother! ;)


  4. Beautiful words, beautiful outfit, lovely person, inside and out..... I would say two things 1 - I always like dressing nice, in style, and attractively, but my criteria is this, if Jesus were to come back today would I feel fine with what I am wearing 2 - It is so hard to be modest and not follow the trends that look "so good" but show "so much" that is why I love this quote "It takes a strong, well rooted person to stand against a roaring current where-as even a dead fish can follow it." So true, definitely one we can all think about.

    Much love and sorry if there is some bad grammar, I am feeling way to lazy and didn't feel like proof reading it :)


  5. ahh....such good inspiration.....and yes, I believe that even if you wear a gunnysack, it is in the attitude not the clothing....Modesty must be from the heart, and gaining a personal style can give you the confidence to carry yourself with poise and grace (which is what attracts everyone to you anyways....)

    besides, your smile is the prettiest accessory that you own....

    beautiful darling....

  6. Your commenters all long winded ;) LOL I totally agree! Some times there are cute things that I can't wear (but usually a white shirt under them fixes that!!!)

    LOL (LoveOurLord),

    PS here is my blog! I would love if you checked it out!!!

  7. I've always considered you and your sisters to be great role models.
    You guys are always looking stylin anyway~ >.<
    Keep up the great work!
    love you!

  8. Yes to be comfortable in your own skin is the first rule of thumb. Once you get past that it's a daily walk in learning and listening to the calling of the Lord.

    Your walking partner,
    ME <3

  9. Hey dear, first off, I think you need to stop being so awesome, because it's making the rest of us look bad. ;) Love your outfit so much. The top is adorable, and I'll never get over coveting that key necklace.

    I can truly relate to so many of your thoughts about modesty; and appreciate your honesty (don't even get me started on the rhyming). Not to mention that since we live in a tropical place, girls are always showing more skin then people do in say, PEI...sigh. So, keep the outfit posts coming because your style is adorable. :)

    Love you,

    1. P.S. Hey, those earrings look familiar! ;)

  10. (so i may or may not have just found your last three posts and realized that i somehow missed them. oops.)

    this outfit is adorable and your style is seriously cute! :)


  11. Your outfit is adorable!! Love you and your blog! <3 I've kinda been a silent follower lately, and now I'm ready to comment and sort of let you know that I'm loving your posts!! :) Leave some bloggy love and follow my blog, pretty please? <3


  12. Hey, Rebekah! :)
    I love that outfit—especially the necklace; antique keys are the best. Ever.
    And I've been meaning to tell you.... I couldn't bear not having a link to your beautiful blog on mine, so I made a My Blue Castle button. x) I hope you don't mind; I just love it so much! :D
    Keep writing!

    P.s. I went over to The Starlit Castle to read that post—it's so lovely. <3 You have a crazy awesome talent for writing. Keep it up! :)

  13. i love this outfit. and honestly, you're extremely pretty :) i'm so in love with your key necklace :D

  14. your gorgeous! seriously, stunning. and i love your outfit.
    i think we line up when it comes to the modesty issue :)


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