Sunday, January 29, 2012

When thoughts abound

It was 12:02 A.M. The window in front of me was foggy, and icy fingers of water dripped down the glass from the outside.  My hands were occupied with a wet sponge and a dirty dish, but my mind was elsewhere; busy composing a plot.  Voices both beautiful and ugly, danced around in my head.  Warm water flooded down the drain and soapy suds were cleansed off the dish.  I absently stacked the offending plate in the drying rack, and whilst my mind was still enwrapped in the story, a small part of it withdrew itself and analyzed which dish must be washed next, in order to make the drying smooth and efficient.  Yes, bowls next, small first, then the larger ones.  "What do you want?" The young girl in my head said wearily, her arms stooped in defeat.

I knew it was an ungodly hour to be doing the dishes, but I had made this unconscious routine for myself and I knew not how to break it. Rather, I didn't want to. Doing the dishes late at night provided a wonderful silence with space for thoughts. They echoed dreamily around the room, with no voices of my siblings to quiet them.  I delighted in it. The eerie time, where the next day truly begins, yet the sun still sleeps. I dried off the dishes and they shined down on me from the shelves. I imagined saying to them, "Up, up, now. Nice and orderly." And then watching them spring from the counter into neat stacks in a very Mary Poppins sort of way.

Not only did plots come cropping up in my head at this time, but ideas, what to post next on my blog. Why I blog.  That one thought has been reoccurring, and as I continued to shine those little plates faces, I thought some more on it.  The reason I blog came to me, very quickly and without struggle, like the way warm butter slips on a hot pan; I blog because, when I read blogs, I feel inspired, I feel like writing, or taking beautiful pictures, or walking by a moonlit pier.  So, in my own way I want to inspire people, if I can. I want to make them feel like leaping, or dreaming, or doing whatever they put their mind to.  I want be inspired, and inspire.

These are only the thoughts that fall out of ones brain when one is in ones place of peace.
Where is your place of peace? Of thoughts and ideas?

Postscript: My apologies for the delay and lack of pictures. I've been busy with that time consuming thing called life. I'll be back soon with plen'y more pictures. (and photoshoots ;)


  1. This is beautiful! And I love the pictures.(:


  2. Finally, a new post! I missed your beautiful writing and inspiring thoughts :)

    I absolutely adore the pictures, especially the first one, you are so pretty!


  3. you just totally described me. when i do dishes, i totally zone out, and usually come up with my best ideas/stories. I think you definitely have a way with words, and your reason for blogging is nearly identical to mine ;)

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. One word for this post - beautiful. The words seem to just float off the page. I'm the exact same when it comes to doing the dishes... ;) (The detail on that last photo is so pretty!)

    (I'm looking forward to more posts!)

  5. the web is so beautiful! The fine threads like the words on your page....wonderful...

  6. Awesome :) I love writing and invinting stories, it's so fun!!!

  7. beautiful post! your writing is amazing!


  8. loooove that photo of the spider web Rebekah! And you're so pretty :)

    p.s. I made a new blog JUST for makeup and fashion! Thought you might be interested :)

  9. Such a lovely post. I've been waiting for it for a long while. The pictures are gorgeous; and your shirt is adorable! I love how colorful and girly it is. Oh yes, I know you'll despise me for saying so. I just had to.

    Hm, I'm not sure I have a place of peace. Maybe just before I fall asleep, or while I'm on a walk. I like yours better. :)


  10. I love that web pic!! Hey, I just found your blog! I'm homeschooled, have four siblings, am a Christian, and listen to music whenever I can as well. Following you via gfc!

    AnneKatherine @

  11. Great post! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  12. Cute post! you are beautiful!
    Would you consider following my blog???
    it is
    Thanks :P

  13. Hello!
    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the sweet comments you leave on my blog! It means a lot to me!:))You are too sweet! :)

    Also, that second picture is ahmazing!!!! So much detail and color. Not to mention the bokeh in the background. Just wow. Lovely!:)



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