Wednesday, December 28, 2011

That cliched phrase, "Time flies" or Oahu pt. 1

On December 12th we left for Oahu to visit our extended family.   It was a delicious blur of best friends, grandparents, sunny days, cousins, waves, more cousins, and cousins. I have a boatload of pictures I'm dying to share with you. But as to not scare you off I won't overwhelm you with them all. And I could, overwhelm you that is. Within the span of barely 11 days, we managed to take over 1,000 shots. 

We are slightly crazy if you haven't noticed. 

From there we digressed into taking pictures of strangers,

Such as this
But finally we reached our grandparents house, 

The view from their house.
There is so much more to say and post, but as I am tired I will leave off here.
More coming soon.


  1. My favorite song by Enya!

    Glad that you,re back, I really missed you :)
    Wonderful photographs, the view from the house is fantastic! I often try to take pictures of strangers but I,m definitely not good at it.

    Can,t wait to see more :))

  2. so excited for you....can't wait to see more....

  3. love the pictures!! i can't wait to see more, either.(:

  4. Eep, you're finally back, stranger! Can't wait to hear about your trip and all of the super fun stuff you guys did. :)
    Oh, and tell me about picture taking. I managed to fill up my 8GB memory card the other day. ;)

    Love ya,

  5. what a view, glad to hear that the Wang family has settled back on their nest in the BI.

  6. yo. fourth picture down. I sat there on my first solo flight. it's the blessed chair.


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