Friday, October 7, 2011



It tingles down my spine, and up again. It is a unique feeling, that has you both excited and anxious. Everytime I look at a certain notepad, I get it.

I have never ever, no not once, in my entire short existence, finished something of any literary importance, poem, story, prose. Nothing. And this is why this story I've been writing is unique. It is almost,

Dare I say the word?


I feel ashamedly frightened beyond my wits to say that. I get this irrational feeling, that if I say anything about completing this story, the ending will abandon me and I shall be left with another unfinished story on my proverbial hands.

I'm excited though, terribly and wonderfully so. It is no great work of art. Barely twenty pages long I think. And yet it will be mine.


My soul laid bare upon sterile white pages to be viewed, examined, criticized, by any such reader. I have dreamed of this day since I first began the arduous journey of writing. Dreamed of holding those precious pieces of my soul, clutching them to my heart, and listening.

Listening, to it beat with life.

Ayn Rand says, "If you have nothing new to say, no matter how brilliantly you can say it, do not do it," I could never disagree with this writer further. She obviously never knew that there is nothing new under the sun. And how dare she order people not to write. Her words taste bitter in my mouth. I know I'm not writing anything new with this story, and yet, I defy her order. I will write a soppy romantic story that everyone has heard a million times, impudently, with my tongue stuck out in puerile anger.

And yet there is fear also. An over-whelming amount. I am afraid, afraid to finish it, afraid not to finish it, afraid it will become dreadful and illiterate once the last words are written. And so it sits, staring at me, and I sit, staring back at it, willing some unknown bravery to appear inside of me.

It will come, though. Courage will come, and I shall be waiting for it.

"The end is uncertain, and I've never been so afraid, but I don't need a telescope to see that there's hope and that makes me feel, Brave"
~Owl City


  1. Of course you shall be waiting for it. You have eyes to see what others cannont. And on that day when Courage walks in confidentely.... in it's shadow will follow Inspiration. Inspiration to trap down on paper the random thoughts of your mind. Thoughts that finish the work long ago started ...and the world will rejoice.

    Possibly not the world that moves like a rushing river past your door. But the world that flows in a calm circle around your being. The world of freinds and family, who will embrace the scribblings, because they breathe with the essence of you....

  2. I really hope this comment shows up!

    Such a lovely post; and like I told you, that story is mine once it's finished. Don't forget.

  3. Yay, I can comment on your blog again! Okay, I just had to write another comment.

    So happy!

  4. @Sarah, Thank you. Wow, that was pretty inspiring in itself. And rather beautiful. As you can see I'm getting used to commenting where you can't put sarcasm or teasing. But it's cool.

    @Kimberly, hahaha, I was wondering what the two random comments were. And I must say, I got a happy thrill when I knew you were able to comment on my blog. Obviously I was missing your comments more than I knew.

    @You both: It's almost done!!!!!!!!!

  5. we wait with baited breath......anticipation our heartbeat.....

  6. hey, like I told ur sis I finally got my computer to allow me to follow ur blog. It was being VERY annoying to say the least, but enough abt him, lets talk U! I like the site, I'm glad that there is a place that can hold ur words/thought/dreams. But I must admit I didn't really get the above post til sis 'informed' me of what it was about. U readers r definatly writers!!!! Thanks for following me....but there really is nothing to follow. Only the air between my fingers and the keys. Yikes, don't really know what that means but I just thought of it. Spacy will now sign off :P

  7. just read your 'sibs tab'. Oh My Gosh that was great!!!! I could totally see each one as you wrote abt them. WOW! to put a person on paper, well I think you have the knack. Geee, makes me wonder if I could write abt my sibs in that way, uummmm. I'll have to think abt that one.

  8. Hi, Rebekah!
    I really appreciate your comment on my blog and I,m also glad I found yours!
    I love your writing, it,s incredible! I definitely have to translate all your posts!
    If you,d like to ask me anything, just tell me, maybe we can connect each other on facebook or something?
    Sorry for my English, it,s my second language and i still do not write well :)


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