Thursday, September 29, 2011

I used to be afraid of the dark.

It was routine. Clockwork. Night would come inevitably and I would flock to light like a proverbial moth. I would avoid pools of blackness in moonlit gardens, though the moonlight never comforted me completely, and sidle up towards street lamps on deserted roads. For some, darkness is a fear of the unknown, but for me, it is a fear of all my imagination can conjure up in the spaces.
Or at least it used to be.

One evening Night swept in my room as I pensively contemplated life. He dressed in his usual attire of sinister black, and doffed his hat at me in friendly manner. I was not swayed by his affability, and immediately moved to turn on a light and send him on his not so jolly way. But tonight was different, odd. His gloom was enthralling. His eyes were glittering stars, they bade me come.

And so I did. Forgetting my apprehension, I tumbled out into the open air, my bare feet traipsing across the slick backs of sodden grass. The moonlight sparkled on the dewy blades, like stars that had fallen. I felt euphoric. I drowned in ethereal Night. I danced, I waltzed with Night. And he was agreeable. He drew me, and I felt a part of his personality, untamed beauty, quiet skies, mysterious sounds. Sky was his canvas, and he painted beautifully.

But by the by, he grew tired of me, I think, and turned cold. I stood patient though, as he became sullen, then finally departed.

And bid him a silent farewell as sparks of light shot through the sky.

We are friends now, in a sense,  night and I. At least I understand him better, and I am no longer afraid of his mood swings, I bear them gracefully. Sometimes he is overwhelming and oppressive, dashing his canvas so that it is ruined, and other times he is fresh and pure, and paints smooth strokes.
I do not assume to understand Night, though. I learned to accept his violent changes, but I do not know what or when to expect them. For Night is not to be comprehended by trifling humans.
He is an enigma to all but one.


  1. wow. I never thought of darkness that way. Very interesting!!! :)

    Have a lovely day, xxxx~Kelsey

  2. This is amazing - you have a wonderful talent here!
    Thank you for that comment you left over at my blog:) It made my day.
    I look forward to more of your posts!

    PS: I now follow your blog!

  3. @Kels: Thank you. I know, it's rather strange. Sometimes I just get these weird ideas. I'll attempt to have a good day. You have a lovely day, too (although I'm not sure what time it is there). ;)

    @MaryRachel: Thank you so much, too. I am flattered beyond belief. ;) I love your blog, too. Thank you.
    P.S. I follow your blog, too. ;P (wow, I just tried winking and sticking out my tongue at the same time. It was rather hard).

  4. This is amazing and imaginative and beautiful. Night is a mysterious thing, but I love it. I've always had a special adoration for the moon, and there's some sort of wonder that comes alive in the dark. Lovely, truly.

  5. @Jennoelle: Thank you so much. You guys are flattering me to death.:p Yes, I do like the stars because they're so pretty and friendly, but the moon... the moon is so beautiful and mysterious.
    I totally agree with you.
    P.S. your blog posts are really good, too (so I shall follow you now, and expect a lot of silly comments about how lucky you are to get to go to concerts and etc). ;P


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